23 February 2011

I have set up a ChipIn page so people can support us directly online via a brand new Paypal account (my old one is *still* locked out). Please feel free to contribute any amount you can! I installed the widget on the side of the page so we can keep track, so from now till I get ready to leave you will see this on the side of the page:

Please feel free to "chip in" any amount you'd like to contribute towards our trip! It is *very* expensive to fly a dog to the UK - the tune of about $2,250 or so just for the dog's air travel and nothing else! And while Tracy has been busily gathering sponsors, the burden of the travel costs will still fall on the individul exhibitors. I am not going to "cheat" by flying as service dog, I am going to do the most honest and simplest thing and fly him cargo direct into London again. This is financially the most difficult thing to do, but it doesn't involve falsifying documents, or travelling through multiple countries by car or train, which I feel would be more mentally stressful for all involved, both canine and human. So please give us a hand by chipping in a few bucks if you'd like, it all goes straight to my trip fund, with the exception of minor Paypal fees. And stay tuned for a link to purchase the Team's e-book!

ETA: I know 1600 of you have been viewing this page every month;) if you send just a little bit of cash to say "thanks for entertaining me" I would appreciate it!

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