21 February 2011


Thursday I went up to NJ to teach a semi-private. Beforehand I got some time to train Drifter in an environment where I felt the dirt in the air would be at a minimum. He did really well, seemed to see just fine, although his contact did pop out! They told me that was OK, and it'd been in for a week. He goes in tomorrow for a recheck and I'm fairly sure the scratch is healing well. It seems less cloudy every day, and his sight seems 100%.

Friday was Bayshore AKC Trial. Kiba had a mistake in each run, so didn't MACh. Drifter did QQ again though (barely):

And Seri finished her AX title! (finally!)

On Saturday, Seri's first run in Ex B went, well, OK. She had a "moment" at the end that wasn't so great, just a little too excited out of the chute. Similar in JWW but my camera battery was dying so we didn't get that on video. Seri:

Drifter QQ *again* which I believe is 7 in a row. Boy does he like 20"! Kiba also QQ, which if you're keeping track is #20 and her MACH! Standard not on video but here's jumpers and her MACH lap:

On Sunday I went to the Keystone USDAA trial to run Grand Prix. Seri won 26" masters gamblers in the morning. Drifter didn't even Q. While he did QQ both days at Bayshore, he's been feeling a bit, well, disconnected. Rusty, I guess, from the time off. Not only did we not trial for a month, but we haven't really practiced because of his eye. Well that shall be remedied! He almost Q'ed in Grand Prix, but I thought he had committed to a tunnel but when I moved he took the frame - unusual for him, as I can usually cue and he'll take it even when I begin to move. Oh well. Kiba had a lovely PGP except for a single bar. Seri, well.... she had an OK opening, was very wide in the threadle (looking at who knows what after I pushed her through), and when I called her back and turned around, BAM there was a tunnel right in front of me! Whoops! I leaped aside but didn't stick my landing and FELL while Seri was on the aframe. I realized we were still clean and so as I was getting to my feet I sent her on to the next jump, stumbled forward and used sends and verbals to negotiate a hard rear cross before the weaves, and then continued on, still clean, to much hooting and hollering from the spectators. And she finished clean. And won! So we got Seri's first GP voucher and Q for this year, with me falling down in the middle of it. No video because my battery died, sorry! Seri also went on to Q in Adv Standard which makes 2, I believe.

I'm tired and sore today, so doing all my online "work". Tomorrow is Drifter's recheck, Wednesday we have class, and next weekend I'm headed down to teach some privates in Raleigh NC.

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