01 January 2011


I'm excited to see that a few people have actually bought some stuff! Keep it up guys, start a trend. Drifter should be EVERYBODY'S homeboy!

I've also created a very cute Thank You card, and anyone who donates to me directly or buys a bunch of stuff from the shop will receive one.

Also in the works are an International seminar day, in mid-March, and either more of that, or possibly run-thrus' in April.

This weekend we are home. Happy New Year. I fell asleep early, was woke up by the cannon-fire-simulating fireworks noises. i am sick with either an allergy-caused cold, or just a regular viral cold. Everyone seems to have it right now. So the dogs did a lot of nothing today. Will try to go for a short but fun hike in the morning before the ground thaws into mud.

Strafe went to the vet yesterday; he is about 20 pounds. He is smaller than his brother, but he is still a pretty good size. My facebook friends tell me at 16 weeks they will double their weight as an adult, so that makes him a 40lb adult dog. That's probably about right although I suspect he may be more like 40-42lbs. I'm glad he's not predicted to be a monster 50lb dog! He is still structurally very nice, no awkwardness. His knuckles are big but not ridiculously so. He is starting to lose teeth and puppy fuzz though. In another few weeks he won't be a fuzzy baby anymore!

ETA: I've added a link to the Cafepress shop for easy reference;)

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