30 January 2011

Was fun to teach locally this weekend, only an hour away from home. I did have to bring my dogs both days, so they just mostly hung out in the car with their blankets on. Having a dark colored car helps on cold days too - it was much warmer in the car than in the arena! I trained Seri a bit and she did well on the mats - they were a bit slippery but not bad. I am glad she is starting to learn how to adapt to surfaces, as she has never been as natural about that as Drifter is. Tomorrow is crunch day, I have to pack up everything I have left to pack up, since we are supposed to be moving Tues-Wed. The weather forecast is iffy though, rain/sleep/snow/purple-reindeer are all predicted to fall those two days. Ok, not purple-reindeer, but everything else.

My puppy is growing again. I had hoped I could stop feeding him lunch, but alas, he has sprouted upwards again and gotten skinny, and I abhor a skinny puppy, so more food he gets!

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