24 January 2011

Videos. Really.

So on Saturday I got Steeplechase Round 1 on video with all 3 dogs - and they all ran CLEAN. But... I was recording to the hard drive on my camera. Which is great, but I have already packed up the cords that connect it to my laptop, and without them I can't transfer the videos so I also can't upload them. Sorry! I do have a few videos from Sunday. I tried to get Seri's GP on video since I used the behind the back wrap on a jump, but the videographer couldn't find the slider button to open the lens cap, so that got missed.

It was a cursed day for dogwalks, as Seri leaped over her contact in Adv Std (continuing our curse of "Advanced Forever!") which at least I can understand since I have gone back and forth with her criteria, but then in GP Drifter, of all dogs, missed his as well. First one since last June, and I believe the class last June was the only miss in all of 2010. He seems stiff today and we've had snow on the ground and very cold temperatures for weeks now, so it's possible he was not moving as well as he should've been, because often that leads to poor contacts. (see here for an example) as compared to (here). He looks a little stiff today but not visibly limping. Could just be a fluke. Happens to everyone now and then. Because I'm realistic, I'm bravely posting this missed contact on the interwebz for all to see. He would've won had he but thrown a back toenail in, but alas, he did not. Oh well. This was the first GP/PGP in a while where all 3 dogs failed to qualify.

(Edited 1/28 to add that I have since discovered that what I thought was a minor eye irritation turned out to be a GIANT GASH across the entire middle part of Drifter's right cornea, so he can, perhaps, be forgiven for missing this contact considering there's probably a bit of a blurry horizontal line in his vision. Amazing he didn't knock any bars.)

Anyway, Drifter's missed DW but otherwise great run here:

Kiba's nice PGP with a knocked bar and somewhat iffy contacts here:

And all 3 dogs in Steeplechase/PSJ Finals:

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