28 January 2011

Sponsorship. Oh, and it snowed a lot more.

Our WAO Team USA Coach wrangled a sponsor for the team: Sasha's Blend! They have contributed a good chunk to the team, so please feel free to support them for supporting us! And tell them about it!
Also if you know or are involved with a company who might be interested in contributing, please refer them to Tracy Sklenar. If they might be interested in a small individual contribution, please contact me! I can offer advertising on the blog, advertising on my person, or use of my/my dogs' images in ads. Yup, feeling commercial today!
And don't forget to buy lots of harnesses from Clean Run, and lots of items from my CafePress shop (link on the sidebar). The Team is also in the process of creating an eBook with lots of great exercises and practice sets from the team members, who are all very accomplished agility handlers! So please keep your eyes peeled for that announcement, as well as the upcoming website.
We got about 16" of snow from Wed-Thur this week. Just nuts. Darned good thing my mother got the snowblower tuned up so we could use it this year! The snow was wet and heavy, and at one point Wed night we got about 6 or 8" in 2 hours.

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