10 January 2011

Pretty good weekend

We were at Mountain Freaks USDAA Trial this weekend. I only ran Seri on a DAM Team, as I didn't want to spend a lot of money and there were a lot of runs each day if I entered Team and the other classes as well, and coming from time off, I don't like to do a lot of runs each day. Seri was on a team with my mother and her youngster Trig (a Drifter baby), and we couldn't find a 3rd so we ran with a draw teammate. Seri was great in Team, just a few knocked bars. She won Team Snooker, got 2nd in Gamblers, and was clean on her leg of Relay, which wasn't easy. We just managed to Q due to a few teammate faults, but a Q is a Q so I am happy. In Grand Prix Seri decided to smash through the first bar so I walked her off. Steeplechase Round 1 on Saturday involved this bit, which I decided was a good chance to use our new move, so this is how I handled it (Seri has very independent weaves), and we were 2nd. There were some very good dogs at 26", as there usually are in my particular competitive region of agility.

I left her laterally in the weaves, as she came over the jump I front crossed briefly, raising my left arm to tell her to change sides. Once she was landing from the jump and heading for the right side of my body, I used my right arm to get her focused on me, backed up to the wing, and sent her over behind me. Worked great. She collected, wrapped and we reaccelerated towards the weave poles.

Round 2 on Sunday was a fun course, very fast and open but with a couple somewhat tricky bits. Here is my 2nd opportunity to use our new maneuver. I had to run like a mad thing to get down for the front cross after the 180 but I did it fine. I pushed her out a bit before the jump to alter her takeoff point, had her land on my left hand to get her coming into me, then backed up and used my right arm to send her over the jump. This was a trickier one, due to the difficulty of intense handling maneuvers being performed before-hand, so I muddled it a bit before sending her over the jump behind me, so we probably could've actually been even faster if I'd been smoother, but dancing around sideways and backwards with a large, very fast, screaming loud border collie jumping 26" is a bit difficult. Anyway she performed brilliantly and we won the class! Beating a dog who is generally very competitive and has even won at least one class at Tryouts. So yay Seri!

Drifter did well, he won 22" Grand Prix for a bye voucher, won Masters Pairs with his daughter Trig, and got 2nd in Steeplechase Finals. I didn't do the blind with him and Kiba, and with Drifter I got in the front cross but he got his eye on the tunnel and so I had to call him off and back to the last wingless jump before it, so we lost some time and i was OK with 2nd. Kiba won P16" as well, although it was a bit awkward with a few slightly wide corners, it was still a very fast clean run. Kiba did not Q in PGP though, she hit a bar on the lateral send at the beginning of a serpentine. She has trouble with those sorts of bars even at 16". Something to work on.

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