19 January 2011

New Frontiers...

Had a great time teaching out in Portland OR this past weekend. Because I've had multiple competitive dogs (one of whom I am afraid to fly due to some mental issues) I've driven across the country for trials the last few years, and so I haven't actually flown domestically since I flew Drifter to Scottsdale for USDAA in 2006. Boy, domestic flights have gone down hill... or maybe I got spoiled by the trans-Atlantic flights where you get big comfy airplanes (not that the seats are any bigger) with relatively quiet engines, everyone gets seat-back entertainment units, free food, etc. These flights got nada, literally we got nothing. Well, OK, you did get free soft drinks. But snacks and sandwiches were expensive extras. No movie, not even a single one. So, fortunately I'm good at zoning out and reading for hours at a time even in a noisy area.

Despite my boring plane experiences (including some delays in both directions at my connection at DFW, an airport I am now quite familiar with), my actual time in Portland was a lot of fun. It was my first time in the Pacific Northwest, ever. i got to stay with someone who's becoming a long distance friend of mine, met some new friends, some people I've only "met" online, some people whose dogs I've seen on blogs for years but never actually seen "IRL" so to speak. Everyone had a great attitude, everyone was nice to their dogs, and they all had a good level of handling skill as well. I hope I get to go back. I lucked out and got warm 50F weather in mid-January. It did rain, but hey, there's snow and ice here in PA, so 50's is vacation for me!

I've always done well adjusting to different time zones, but I did have a few nights of spotty sleep out there, and today back in EST I managed to sleep (sort of) till 9am. So hopefully I can readjust as quickly as usual. This afternoon I teach class, this weekend I have a local USDAA trial with GP and Steeplechase, hopefully I can finish up some Q's with the dogs. Seri is running Advanced Std again, our cursed class (even when we have a good run, we end up with faults somehow). And Drifter is running pairs with his daughter again. Hopefully even with limited USDAA trials this year we can still manage to finish our LAA Bronze.
And we are moving in TWO WEEKS so I need to buckle down and pack and clean, pack and clean. Far from my favorite thing to do, but there it is. Deadlines are motivational, I suppose.

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barjor said...

Glad you had a great time. Gandalf misses you.