25 January 2011

A good day.

Yesterday was a useful day. We did useful things. DJ cleaned the bathroom, scrubbing it from ceiling to floor and back again. I cleaned out the closet, which has been accumulating some odds and ends of clothes and random comforters and such for a few years, and we generally got the bulkiest bits of cleaning done. Now it's mostly just small bits of cleaning and packing the rest into boxes.

Today, on the other hand, was a good day because the things I did were fun! Drove out and met a non-local friend for some agility training, lunch, and an hour's hike in the balmy above-freezing weather. I only trained Seri, since I suspect the smooth coats are a bit stiff/sore, but I let Kiba and Strafe run around the arena for a while before and after training so they could get the kinks out and move around. And I took Seri and Drifter on the hike - Drifter does better with moderate exercise than total rest, as long as he isn't lame, and he moved fine throughout the hike, so I think he was just a bit stiff over/after the weekend. He isn't 3 anymore! And he runs for all he's worth.

Tomorrow they are predicting temperatures just above freezing, rain in the late morning, snow in the evening and snow all night, which probably means roads that will be wet, then icey, then snow on top of ice. Scary stuff. Glad I got some training in with Seri today, as i have a strong feeling we won't be training tomorrow!

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