05 January 2011

Family picture in Denmark. From left to right, Myself holding "Tizzle" who is now Strafe (and he's about 5 times that size), Simic's brother Poeki (said like "Pokey"- Jiggy's uncle) and I missed the owner's name, Jane with Jiggy (Strafe's mother), the next 2 dogs I forgot their names, but they are Simic's puppies from her 2nd, more recent litter, so they are Jiggy's half-brothers and Strafe's half-uncles. 2nd from the right is 2006 World Champ herself Simic who is Strafe's grandmother, Jiggy's mother, and last on the Right is Success, Jiggy's littermate, who is also owned (and being held by) Sarah Lorentzen.
Pictures make posts more interesting, right? I like pictures, although I'm not a huge fan of pictures of myself. In this picture, as evidenced by the shadow (Barb Davis, taking the picture, who has a littermate of Strafe), the sun was directly in our eyes and we were all making squinty faces.
My mother has been a whirlwind of activity getting our new house ready. Fencing is going in, the chimney is being fixed, the walls are getting painted, new gravel for the driveway, etc etc. I have been packing and cleaning as much as my anti-cleaning oriented brain will allow, and since I live in a small space I think I'm getting pretty close. Just have all my extra clothes to go through, mostly. The rest will be several days of stuffing things into boxes to go. I believe we're looking at moving in the next month, the sooner the better. I am looking forward to being in a new house with 15 acres of land to walk around, but I am not looking forward to DJ having 15 more miles of commute (each way) every day. I am definitely looking forward to a calmer Kiba. The "mysterious" noises upstairs make her very obsessive, and when she's stayed in one-level living spaces for a week or two a time, the weird behaviors haven't come out, so I'm hoping that will be the case. There are 2 bedrooms upstairs in the new house, but no one will be in them most of the time, so she won't have anything "up" to stare at. We shall see, I guess. She may obsess about "cars on the horizon" that she can see out the front window, but perhaps she won't. She's an odd one.
This weekend is our first trial since the end of November, Kiba's first since the end of October. Seri is entered in Team, GP, Stp, AND Advanced Standard. I realized i haven't run Adv Standard since last April with her, and I am not sure if she has 1 or 2 legs! I will have to look it up. that's OK, as I've stated before, collecting titles is not something I can focus on, I am focused on winning at big events, not collecting Top Ten points, or numbers of Q's. Seri probably won't ever get an LAA, but she already has her Tournament Master Bronze (or Silver?) title, because Tournaments are what I focus on...
Off to teach class today. Trying to figure out what other sponsors I can approach, both for individual sponsorship (either small amounts of money, or goods such as dog food, travel, etc), or for team sponsorship, the rewards of which are listed in the previous post. Even a small donation gets a mention on the team website (which will be up and running in the next few days, i'm told)

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