28 January 2011


ETA: I have been told this dog does not have ETS. I don't know the dog, I just assumed from the video in the first post that the dog's jumping issue was ETS. I have never heard the term "Ninja Jumping" - and I would think Ninjas wouldn't have problems jumping since they are very sneaky. But nonetheless, it is still an interesting study in a dog with an early takeoff problem, and explains why lots of jump training might not have much effect.


Edited because I forgot to add: about 2 weeks ago Drifter's eye started acting irritated. I assumed dirt had gotten in and caused a minor scratch. I washed it a few times and when I left the next day for OR he seemed fine. When I came back 4 days later he still seemed fine, it was right before the trial that weekend I noticed him squinting and watery eyed on and off again. I ran him in tournament classes only, since he seemed to be able to see OK. By Sunday no more watering, but it was back again Tuesday, so Thursday I took him into the vet, figuring it should've been healing on its own by now. The vet affirmed this opinion, saying since there are no signs of infection at all, that it's odd that the scratch isn't healing. She put a dye in and we looked at it under blacklight - the darned thing goes practically all the way across his eye. She says no way was it dirt/sand, it was definitely something sharp. Only thing I can figure is a puppy tooth/claw, since there are no bushes or barbed wire or anything in the yard. So he is on antibiotic drops for a week, and if there's no improvement he has to see an opthalmologist, who will abride the scratch to try to encourage it to start healing itself, and give him a long-term soft contact lens to cover and protect it. So anyway, perhaps the giant horizontal GASH is why he missed the DW contact last weekend? I could see how a blur in your vision might cause you to miss a step on a 12" wide down plank that you have almost zero time to judge...

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