11 January 2011


I have to admit, when a good friend told me lots of people read this blog, i was pretty doubtful. After all, it's just me rambling about stuff most of the time. i don't really try to be that educational, I don't preach like I'm teaching (or like I'm preaching!), and I'm a pretty blunt person most of the time, although I try to be PC when posting to the public blog-o-sphere by not naming names. So I put the counter at the bottom of the page, and discovered I've had over 1700 page views in the last 30 days. Well gee, guess she showed me! She also tells me I'm controversial sometimes! And I thought I kept it pretty tame around here, talking about weather and my dogs all the time...

I am up very late tonight (this morning?). Due, probably, to sleeping a lot last night, which was due to me being tired from the long days at the USDAA trial over the weekend. Vicious cycle, I suppose. I am also awake since I was trying to decide whether to take another blogger's post as something referring to me or not (they use a phrase and general subject matter I mentioned on facebook not 24 hours earlier). I was feeling rather brave for putting all the blind cross information on here, especially given my public opposition to blind crosses in the past. I certainly didn't invent the maneuvers I've been working with Seri, but they are certainly new to me, new to Seri, and I don't believe anyone here in the states performs them quite the way I'm attempting to do so - it is a much more european style. So I hope no one is getting the impression that I'm a puffed up ego claiming to invent something. I'm not. I AM, however, someone who has their own unique handling style, and I only add new tools to my toolbox after much analysis of video and thought about whether it fits with the way my dogs understand my motion and body cues. i have long been against almost all blind crosses, so it was a tough decision for me to teach Seri to go behind my back. It is also a very specific cue, and means only one thing - wrap around my body. I believe wrap cues are pretty black and white. You are wrapping the jump (180 degrees or close to it), or you aren't. This is in contrast with most turn cues, with have an infinite spectrum of possibilities with regard to both speed and trajectory. I believe that I can perform any speed and angle of turn at a jump using a shoulder turn or a rear cross or a front cross, because I use speed and direction of motion as primary cues. So facing her and telling Seri to go behind me is a specific cue for her, because generally she is never allowed behind me, and I certainly don't want her thinking about that as we're running.

Sorry for the really late post, but part of the reason I was up is that i wanted to post something. I am not a follower of any big name person's system. I improve by self-analyzation, analyzation of others who are at the top of their game and I respect, and brainstorming about my individual dogs. I value consistency, innovation, and logic over anything else. And I certainly hope no one thinks I'm stealing maneuvers from europeans and claiming to reinvent them. I only hope to emulate those who perform them well!

So in closing, please excuse the diatribe; perhaps this winter I will take some blog posts to explain the differences between the way I handle, and the way the big name systems work. Especially since there are a few odd trends I've been hearing lately, like "there are no shoulder turns" - that one baffled me for a minute, since I use them all the time, and I do so pretty successfully.

(shoulder turn. and a wrap...)

And then again, perhaps I'll just go back to talking about my dogs and the weather?


Lisa said...

Personally, I find it incredibly refreshing that you admit to *training* your dogs :) Lisa

Rosanne said...

Thanks! I think I train more short, isolated skill sets than some people, and less training time overall than a lot of big names, but I do, indeed, train my dogs!

Amy Siegel said...

analyzation not a word. I think analysis is what you are looking for.

Rosanne said...

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Linda R. said...

Waiting on video of your handling with Seri.

I also find it refreshing that you admit to training. Zen only goes so far.

Rosanne said...

No video, that's why made the crcd images. I hitched a ride with my mom and left the camera in my van.

capnree said...

I always read your blog. And I love this post...

Elf said...

I started my blog as a simple and easy way of keeping my own dog diary and training record. Many of my posts seem (to me) to be pretty dry and self-focused, so I'm always surprised when people tell me that they read my blog, too. Lots of lurkers out there!

P.S. I vote for no "analyzation." And using the web as a source for data on good word choices is pretty iffy. Although I do it myself, on occasion, to justify my own choices. ;-)

nosemovie said...

*to Lisa's first post*