28 December 2010


Team USA for the World Agility Open is all chosen now, and overall I think it's a pretty damn good team. We're definitely going over there to kick some butt. I'm happy to see that there are more countries signing on, so it should be more competitive than I originally worried about.

The Team is looking for sponsors and donations. Sponsors can be anybody with something to contribute, if they can give us goods that help us, that's great, if they can donate some money in exchange for advertising, that's great too! If you know of anything, feel free to comment and I can pass the lead on to our manager.
So far Clean Run has signed on to help, both as a sponsor and by selling the US-themed Comfortflex harnesses (buy some!). Our manager is looking into other leads as well. I am optimistic that we will drum up more funds than USDAA did for the IFCS Team this past year, at least. (we basically paid for all our own travel expenses, and shipping a dog to the UK is *not* cheap).

If you are interested in donating to the Team, please let me know and I can send you our manager's info, or please contact her yourself! The WAO is a unique competition - it's the first international, open competition that is created and sponsored by competitors, there are no kennel clubs or higher purposes involved, and I think it's going to be a really fun event! No ulterior motives, just great competition! And since Teams are smaller and more limited than the EO, it's a bit more exclusive and top-tier, more cream-of-the-crop and less really big classes (I'm sure the EO winners are very talented, but there are a LOT of dogs at that trial, and I know people make finals with faults sometimes).
The WAO only allows one Team per country, with one dog of each jump height, so it will be interesting and high-pressure to watch the Team dog runs. Agilityvision will be there livestreaming as well.


Tammy Moody said...

One of the ideas I had for the FCI team (never took off) was to create a course book. Each team member contributes multiple exercises and they are combined to create an e-book that can be sold and downloaded for $14.95. It is a really low cost way of fundraising. I know I would buy one, everyone loves new exercises to work on.

Rosanne said...

Thanks Tammy, I'll pass that idea on to our manager and maybe we can all contribute a few. Even 3 each would be 36 new exercises! Do you know where to get an e-book hosted/published? Might be too much to get a real solid one, but anyone with CRCD could use an e-book...