29 December 2010

Support ME!!!

Team USA for the WAO is working on several fundraising projects, including (as mentioned in the comments on the previous entry) a book of courses and exercises and articles for purchase, possibly through Clean Run. This has been done for Team Canada in the past, and our manager was involved in that, and it worked out really well. So please look forward to that!

Also this morning I spent a little bit of time creating some merchandise for a Cafepress shop. 10% of the money goes to me, and will all go towards my trip to the WAO in May 2011. Please help me and Drifter out! I'm not one of the "big name" instructors yet, and I don't make tons of money every year. We're just a talented team who's asking for help going overseas to KICK BUTT! (in a polite fashion, of course;)

So, buy some stuff! Most of the designs are just stock designs that I edited to make them Drifter themed, but some of them are pretty cool, and the standard graphics are very typical of what you see at Old Navy type stores these days, so you could wear them anywhere. I particularly like "Drifter is my homeboy." I'd love to go to a trial and actually see people wear that! LOL!


Diana said...

How about if we just wanted to do a direct donation? Thanks , diana

Rosanne said...

If you want to donate to me directly, you can email me at rdrift at gmail dot com and I can give you my address to send a check or money - I've had too many issues with Paypal. If you want to donate to the entire team, I will post a link as soon as we get a Paypal site set up (Tracy is working on that). Should be relatively soon.