15 December 2010

Sorry just today I realized it's been 2 weeks since I posted. I haven't been trialing lately. The puppy is growing very, very fast. I am not worried at all about him turning out smaller than I want, and I'm even a little concerned he may be a BIG BC when he's done. I'd love for him to be right around 21"... but there's no way to predict this stuff! This past weekend I taught a seminar in NY. I had a good time, the people were very nice, and I'm going to be back in February. My mother closed on the new property last week, so we are getting into a higher gear in regards to packing. So sometime soon I will be a Maryland resident. What do you call that? I am currently a Pennsylvanian, I suppose. A Marylander? Anyway, the property is 15 acres, almost 10 of which is a fairly flat field, which will eventually have an indoor on it, but we won't be able to move forward with that until our current house is sold, and we've lived here (with dogs) for 26 years so that will take a bit of cleaning and updating.

Last week I took Drifter to see Ria. Even though he was a qualifying fool at the last few trials, i could tell he still wasn't right, and hasn't been since Louisville's awful dirt tweaked him. He was pretty sore, and it took some work to get him back together, but we've got a plan to get him fit again, and I'm going to take it easy on him with agility for a while. We've got a USDAA trial coming up in early Jan but he's not going to run Team. I need to make sure he's extremely fit and feeling great by the time AKC Nationals and the WAO roll around in the spring.

I've been taking some time here and there lately to watch some video of european handlers who do very well, and I've been working to adapt some of that style to the way I run Seri. She really likes it. I began to change my handling for her a bit at USDAA Nationals and I think it started out well. Unfortunately our courses here in the US in both venues tend to be too straightforward to let this style really shine, but the way they work every single jump, and some of the cues they use for wraps especially, work very well for Seri. The way I cue Drifter and Kiba relies on the dog taking the cue for a wrap, and understanding that they have to decelerate and turn tight. The way I cue Seri allows her to maintain more ground speed, and relies more on her being able to pivot tightly around my body and jump the jump in more extension. It basically means I have to work harder than her sometimes, but that's OK! I will demo some of it in CRCD sometime soon to show what I mean.

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