21 December 2010

Mores stuff

So since I'm on a roll, figured I'd continue showing you what I'm working on with my dogs. Because they are currently on a tough conditioning program and the ground is very frozen still, we are only jumping 8" in the yard, so we can really focus on breaking it down to handling cues and responses, and I don't have to worry about them hurting themselves landing funny or slipping. Actually the top layer isn't really frozen during the day, but it is just very hard dirt.

With Seri I did some slightly more advanced applications of our new blind cross maneuver. We worked on one on an angle, which we haven't introduced before, followed by a line where she must stay in with me and follow my line and not look away at the other jump.

The 2nd exercise I decided we needed to start working on, because a couple times she did take the off course jump. So we broke it down to its basic bits and are working on this exercise now. she's very reliable on a regular pull-through, but this sort of pull-past jump is more difficult, as she wants to move away from me when I accelerate (a normal reaction for a border collie), so we are going to be working on this one for a while, till I can move away quickly after cueing the jump.

With Drifter, I am always remind him to stay close to me and not turn or look away until specifically told to do so. I've been looking at some of the courses from the judges we have for the WAO, and was reminded that sticking close on a regular shoulder/post turn has never been a strong suit for him, and so we worked on some of that with some basic exercises to isolate the skill. For both of these, I led out a little bit, then just ran ahead of him and turned my shoulder. I did not do any false turn/drop shoulder/looking at him stuff, all just shoulder turn, find the line, and go.

And here's an example of something we might see at the WAO. Looks like fun, right? I love challenging courses... and I'm very excited to run them at 55cm (actually a little less than 22") so I can really just run and not be worrying about bars like I do at 26".

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