01 November 2010

This weekend we were at a local AKC trial. Kiba was sitting on 19 QQ's coming in, but hit a bar in the first run Saturday, and then Sunday in the 2nd run got all the way to #16 and missed a totally obvious weave entry, so no MACH for her. She isn't entered in any trials in November, since she already has her 6 QQ's for Nationals, so she is just going to be almost-MACH for a while.

Saturday morning Seri got her first Exc B JWW leg, her firt B leg ever since she is still in A for Std. She got 2nd place, in very good company, and I was pleased with her. She did not manage to get any other legs; she is still usually the one-bar wonder in most classes. The courses were very open, and that's bad for her. She is OK with a lot of turns, but straight aways she just starts over-running her takeoff spots and hitting bars. Oh well. She handled pretty well.

Drifter did well, going 3 for 4, his only mistake was Saturday in standard - he hasn't run 20" at an AKC Trial since, well, quite a long time ago, and I forgot he would have a 16" table. Added to that was that this is a slightly odd looking table, with a really thick (8"?) wooden top on it, rather than the standard 4" variety. Well he slowed down, looked at it, then deliberately hopped on and off. That was his only fault all weekend, so Sunday he picked up QQ #5 towards Nationals. We have 2 more trials in November so I'm pretty optimistic that he'll get #6, especially jumping 20". He even won Standard on Sunday, over some pretty stiff (younger) competition, so I was pleased. He ran very well.

Unfortunately he looked sore after his last run again. I think he was not completely healed up from Louisville, and I will be giving him a few weeks off now until our next trial.

I also heard from my breeder and now have a pretty good idea which puppy I'm bringing home!

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