02 November 2010

Entirely too cute.

(Post edited to add updated puppy face)

Not being at "regular" work gives me a little more time to write here, i guess. I've got a busy few weeks coming up. Well, really, a busy month. Tomorrow is my first day of classes at the rented indoor for the winter. Saturday I may get to take Seri to a seminar, we'll see. Depends on whether my mother (pulled her hamstring) is able to run or not - if not I will run instead. I don't often run in seminars - the International Course seminar with Linda in August was my first in about 5 years, and really she didn't "teach" me things so much as she exposed a flaw or two and gave me an insight or two on finessing certain things - very tweaky stuff, but useful nonetheless. I've been training myself for so long now that I've gotten pretty good at getting better. Anyway, Seri could always use some more practice is an exciting atmosphere, and the presenter is someone I don't find to have a big annoying ego so I will gladly go and run if I can. Then Sunday I'm driving down to Raleigh (7.5 hours), Monday and Tuesday I'm teaching private lessons. Wednesday I'll be driving back home early so that I can still teach classes. Thursday I've got a private lesson and packing/organizing to do because that Friday (the 12th) I leave for Copenhagen to retrieve my puppy! I come home the following Tuesday, Wed I have class again, then 2 AKC trials to finish up Drifter's AKC Nationals qualifications.

Speaking of which, Andy Hartman got sacked, which is pretty sad. He was nice to me before I knew who he was, just some random "suit" at Nationals in 2009 when I first attended and made Finals with Kiba and Challengers with Drifter. Then I saw him at USDAA trials as well, down in NC, and he is such a nice guy, I can't imagine what kind of ridiculous beef AKC had with him to fire him like that, but they clearly had it planned, since not 24 hours later they announced who was taking his job, "effective immediately". Sad, and I don't really know his successor, but people who do seem to think she's up for it. We'll see. I will not be boycotting AKC, as I realized and grudgingly accepted long ago that AKC is a large organization, with profit in mind and politics internally, and if I didn't already know that, I wouldn't have been paying attention. Luckily the agiltiy program within the organization is run fairly well. Hopefully that continues to be the case.

Found out all the boy puppies have all their "equipment", nothing retained ;)


Sarah Duke said...

Cute pup Rosanne! Did you ever decide on a name? Yay for equipment! ;)

Tammy Moody said...

Oh dear lord, give me that puppy! What a cute face.