23 November 2010

I've added some new pics of Copenhagen at the facebook link on the previous post. I do plan to eventually post them all here with an actual narrative of my trip, hopefully maybe thursday I can get that done.

Statue at the center of the square at the royal palace in Copenhagen. In the background is one of the royal residences, with the flag up, indicating that the queen's sister is at home!

Went to 2 days out of 3 of an AKC trial this past weekend. Drifter QQ'ed on Friday to earn his 6th and final Q towards Nationals, so now he and Kiba are both all done. I had high hopes that Seri might earn another Standard Q, since she is STILL stuck in A, but no, she was brilliantly awful for the first 3 runs. I know I was gone for a few days, but it hadn't been THAT long since I'd trained her, only a week! the last run I at least had her head back, and she went where I pointed her, but she still missed a weave entry and knocked a bar. So I skipped Sunday and slept in. The first few nights back from Denmark the puppy did not understand why he was in a crate alone, instead of in a big pen with his siblings, and woke me up every few hours screaming. He is a smart little booger though, and now he's sleeping very nicely at night (I let him out when DJ leaves for work at 3am), and seems to understand that if he's in the crate, it is quiet time. He has figured out that he can entertain himself by rolling around and playing with bones or other chewy things, or his beds. Which is fine!
This week is Thanksgiving. DJ is staying at his parents' house for 2 nights because he is helping with the family dinner. I'm still really shy about his family, and I also feel bad for my mom being alone for dinner now, so I'm staying home. We may try to find a place to go out to eat. Or maybe we'll just stay home and make pizza and watch a movie.

This weekend we have another AKC trial. I'm convinced Drifter is still not 100% after his hamstring pull and subsequent weird tweak at Louisville. He is sound, no doubt, but he just doesn't seem that strong, and doesn't recover quite right if he trips on something at a walk. So if I run him I may run him Friday/Sunday with a day off in between. I'll see. He ran very well last weekend, and was 3/4 with the NQ being another damned table fault (need to practice that). Nice jumping, won all 3 classes (out of 4 pages of 20" dogs), and was nice and low in the contacts (a sign that he is feeling OK).

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