11 November 2010

Busyness continues

Updated puppy face, beginning to be a face to break hearts!
Saturday I attended a seminar with Seri. She was a little too excited on the first sequence, which was twisty and required attention on her part, but after that she wasn't bad. Couldn't quite bring herself to tuck in and get a tunnel/aframe discrimination on one, but otherwise she was mostly a good girl. I can't say I really learned anything, except to solidify in my mind the finer points where my own handling differs slightly from what most of the APHS instructors teach. Not by much, but there's a few things I do differently. I think I rely more strongly on shoulder direction and handler speed than they do. Those are my 2 strongest cues, coupled with motion but in some instances speed and shoulder counteracts motion (and whether they teach it or not, this is true in most APHS handlers too - think about moving backwards but expecting the dog to aim for the front of you, for instance).
Anyways, Sunday I drove down to Raleigh NC, and Monday and Tuesday I taught private lessons at my friend's house. I really enjoy teaching private lessons over seminars, and I don't really understand why people really like seminars so much. Seminars are alright if you just want some practice with your dog, and want to get a general idea of how someone handles. But if your eally want to GET BETTER and understand exactly all the concepts behind handling (or contacts, etc), a private lesson is really the way to go.
Anyway, yesterday (Wed) I drove straight to my indoor from NC, taught classes, and finally headed home. Today I have to get ready to leave, because tomorrow I am flying out in the evening to Copenhagen to pick up my puppy! I can't believe how fast this all happened. I am glad to be home from work (or school) for the first time with a puppy, and he can go almost everywhere I do, and not have to be in his crate for long periods alone. My mother has always done me the favor of letting my dogs out and feeding them while I'm at work, so they weren't alone more than 4-5 hours at a time, but that's not nearly the same as being home with them. A whole new experience! I've also never flown with a dog or puppy as carry-on before, and I'm nervous he's going to be a little big for his bag. He will be 10 weeks old on the day I fly home, and he's starting to grow his legs! The other americans who are flying to get their pups assure me they've never had any problems with it, so I just am crossing my fingers and hoping all goes well!


barjor said...

I think seminars are really good if you want to learn at a high level of someone's way or system. I find that watching how systems work for others, is extremely helpful to me as both an agility competitor and instructor.

Once I have things down, privates lessons are the way to go.

Good luck on puppy pickup! Can't wait to meet him (you REALLY should bring him to Oregon! ;-)

Elf said...

Awwwww what a face! I'd be eager to go bring that home, too! Nowadays I might like a seminar if it has a specific focus that I'd like to learn more about or improve my skills in. My first couple or 3 years in agility, I liked just about any seminar because they opened up worlds of information, options, and viewpoints beyond what I was getting locally, and/or reinforced what I was already learning but perhaps in different ways. Like in college, when you're a freshman, you have to take all the "breadth requirements" classes to ensure that you're a well-rounded person. I think one can make better decisions about the course one wants to pursue after being fairly sure that one has been exposed to enough of the agility world theories.