28 October 2010

Well we're almost at the end of my 3rd week of not working a "regular" job. I can already tell my finances will be tight for a while, but that's OK. I will deal with it as best I can until classes get going. Today we moved our equipment down to the indoor I'm renting once a week for the winter. Once classes get going next week, I'll at least have some income from classes every 6 weeks, with less of the random-ness of being subject to the weather, excepting of course heavy snow, which generally is not that common around here.

Tomorrow I'm heading back out to Ria's. I'm helping her and David get their schedule online so they aren't dependent on having a "big book" in hand in order to schedule people, and also so that I can begin to remotely schedule via email. Working off part of my big bill from Nationals - there were more "emergency" visits to the PT there than they've ever seen before due to the funky footing (and awful candy-striped tire). Then tomorrow evening I'm doing a 3-hour workshop at Barto. Over the weekend I'm trialing all 3 dogs in AKC. Hopefully Drifter will pick up a QQ or 2 towards Nationals - he still needs 2 more. Kiba needs 1 QQ for her MACH, and Seri just needs to get out of Exc A Standard.
Not working every day makes it much, much more difficult to keep track of days of the week, not to mention dates! Very strange.
Tuesday night the zoning for the building on our possible property was approved, so we can move forward with the sale now. i need to clean and pack. A LOT.
I've got some seminars and workshops coming up in some various places. I'll be in NY in December, OR in January, a different part of PA later January, then back in NY in February. I would like to try to plan something more in December, possibly in NJ, to help recoup the costs of traveling to Denmark and buying my puppy (who is SEVEN weeks old already! Wow!) - she's not letting them go till 10 weeks, so he'll probably just barely fit in his under-seat bag, but most people I've spoken to haven't had issues with borderline sized dogs being hassled.

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