08 October 2010

Today was my last day at work. Scary! But exciting! i will be teac
hing more after this, and packing, and keeping my dogs fit. I will probably take it very easy on trialing during Dec/Jan so I don't overspend my uncertain budget. I am looking forward to teaching in new places though.

Drifter's hamstring is all healed. I ran him on a few courses during class on Wednesday, and his stupid toe was bothering him again. This toe has been hurting on and off since late July. i am starting to think he must have some arthritis in it or something. It is the same toe he yanked hard when he was about 2 years old. I thought all the rest for his hammy might help the toe, but it doesn't appear to have made a difference. He will be lasered, iced, Traumeel'ed, and Max-Freeze (a gel) every day for a few weeks to see how he does. I need to trial him till he gets his last 2 QQ's for AKC Nationals, then we'll try a 2-month lay-off from agility to see if that will do it. Very frustrating. Prolotherapy has been suggested to me, and if I can afford it I may try that in December... we'll see. Or just lop the darned thing off, maybe.

Tomorrow we are going to get a CMJ to see how short we can measure Drifter. My new tentative plan for him is to get him measured into the 22" class for the WAO and try to make that team. If I can get him down there, then he won't have to do 26" again. He's 8 now, and with the hamstring pull and the repetitive toe injury added to the mild heart condition, I think it's going to be time to start tapering off with him. I think 2012 will be his last year running, perhaps retiring after AKC Nationals that spring. That's right around when my pup will be coming out too, so the timing is pretty good. Poor buddy... wish the toe would heal! Anyways, assuming I can get the toe to stop hurting, AND get him measured under 19.69", I would really love to compete at WAO in 22" class. I would love to see more of England and Wales. (on a budget of course!)

Seri is doing very well, as is Kiba. Kiba is now one QQ short of MACH, and is all qualified for Nationals finally. Seri needs more conditioning, and lots of work, but I'm looking forward to being more serious with her in the coming year as Drifter begins to step down bit by bit. (he's not ready yet, of course!)

Anyway, leaving on Monday morning for Kentucky. Not anxious at all about running my dogs, just hoping Drifter's toe doesn't hurt too much!


Susan said...

Rosanne I would run-- not walk to get that prolo therapy done on Drifter. I compete with my dogs within days of having it done. Go to Dr.DeHann in King Mtn. NC. The only risk is that is will not work. If works half as well as it did on Encore (HD) and DeCaff (degenerative disc disease) you will be doing cartwheels with joy at how easy, unobtrusive and inexpensive it was to do. I hear it is fantastic for toes.


Rosanne said...

Thanks, I am definitely going to look into it!