22 October 2010


Next big adventure, is flying to Copenhagen to pick up my puppy. I'm trying to do it on a budget, as much as possible, because....

The WAO win-on Team spot for each height went to the Grand Prix Finals winner. Well I got 2nd, yes, but the winner in my height is Canadian, therefore, I get the spot. So Drifter is officially on the WAO, and gets to go back to England at 22" to kick some tail before his International career is over!

Everyone keeps asking me if I'm going to try out for 2012 IFCS. The answer is no. I know with it being in the states it is very tempting, but Drifter will be 9 and 1/2 by then, that's about when I'm looking to retire him permamently. I will be focusing on Seri. Why not Seri? Well, because IFCS qualifying is this coming year, 2011, and will cost a LOT of money. I will not be having a LOT of money to spend. Especially after getting nothing back last time. Several competitors are stepping up early this time to help USDAA with the process so I expect 2012 Team members will have a more smooth experience than I did, financially, but I would rather focus on getting Seri onto the AKC Team, which has always been where I wanted to be. She's been performing very well as I've been changing up my handling a bit with her, and I'm very hopeful she'll be READY by Tryouts 2012.

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Sarah Duke said...

So... what are you doing differently to handle Seri than your other dogs? Great Cyno wrap up, dry/deep dirt sucks! I never realized how much until Kate. :( Good luck with puppy pickup, Danish photos please!