10 October 2010


Here is a picture of Drifter bumping a wing in IFCS Biathlon Jumping. If he hadn't smacked this wing, he would've had Silver. If he hadn't hit either of the bars (1 in each class) he would've had Gold. His combined time was several seconds faster than the dog that won.

And it looks like perhaps we'll get a do-over - sort of. Yesterday morning I went down to the Keystone trial, which is only 20 min from here, to get him measured by a CMJ. I had emailed her ahead of time to see if she'd try, and she was willing. On my own last weekend I got him at 19 and 5/8, which is 19.625", just under the cutoff of 19.69" required for 22" at the World Aglity Open.
I had also contacted the coach for the US team for the WAO, and she said as long as the dog measured under consistently, it didn't matter how close it was to the cutoff. So this whole week I spent having Drifter stand and relax for cookies, as he can be a little too tall if he's all uptight. Thankfully this is one area where his short, low neck actually helps him out. My mother measured him before the CMJ came over, and she was able to get 19.5 or a little over. After the walk-through the CMJ offered to measure him (she wasn't actually measuring at the trial, just doing me a favor), and so we did. She said she'd do 2 measurements for me, a strict one, and a more relaxed one. Well we stand him up, I show him the cookie and then move it farther away so he isn't tensed up by licking/chewing at it. She held his collar, we squared him up a little bit and he relaxed, and she said her strict measurement is....


Woohoo! So we are official to try for the 22" team for the WAO in England in May! I am so pleased by this - we have a lot of points towards selection already, having placed or won just about every category that earns points for selection (GP Finals last year, AKC Nationals, IFCS event, USDAA Regional, and Tourn Top Ten). Plus running at 22" this coming week at USDAA Nationals, where individual classes also earn points. This means I will be cancelling some of my plans for AKC trials that included ISC classes, since I really don't think Seri is ready. She is a year or 2 behind where she probably should be, as a 4-year-old, but as long as her wrist stays strong, the rest of her body is very resilient and she should have a good long career. So Dec/Jan will be taking it easy (and teaching!), February prep for AKC Nationals, March AKC Natls, April hopefully prep for WAO, and May WAO.

Also exciting is that my friend whose long-distance boyfriend lives in England is planning to be visiting him during May anyway, and he is from Wales, so she is hoping to come down to the trial with him, and afterward we will tour Wales with a local! I am excited to see the Welsh countryside and coastline, as it is supposed to be quite beautiful!

So, plans have changed from the summer, but I am happy with the current one. No EO, no FCI for 2011, but we get a WAO instead, which sounds like fun.

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