12 October 2010

2010 USDAA Nationals Day 1

I got out here yesterday afternoon, staying in a small suite so I stocked up on groceries. That $90 should last me the entire week on food, although I will probably go out at least one night.

Today we started the day by getting together with 2 friends and driving half an hour across the river to a state park in the edge of Indiana. It was a really pretty hike, we could see the river, and some interesting rocks here and there. We only hiked about an hour but that was about right for a day-of-agility hike, I wouldn't want them to be tired or worn out in any way. After that a friend and I went to brunch at Cracker Barrell - french toast, yum!

I stopped back at the hotel briefly to gather my things and change into agility clothes, and then we went and set up at the site. Crating is in a single large building, between the 2 buildings the agility is in - and the 2 agility buildings are NOT close. And the ring entries aren't even on the near side for the Broadbent arena, so we have to walk all the way around to get to the ring gates, which doesn't seem to make much sense. I desperately hope I have no almost-conflicts because there's just no quick way to get from one ring to another with a dog exchange in the middle.

Anyway, for largely unknown reasons (timers missing? course tweaking? it looked all set...) we didn't walk and start running till about 90 minutes after the scheduled time of 3pm, but I stuck it out and ran both Seri and Kiba in European Standard. Seri had 2 minor duh moments, missed a weave entry, and may have missed her aframe (I didn't watch), but overall I was pleased with her, she was mostly paying attention and didn't hit any bars. Kiba ran at like 7:45pm, and had a really nice run, I let her run her aframe independently so I could handle ahead and she hit it, though not very deeply. She posted a very good time and probably placed pretty high - I will check tomorrow.

Back at the hotel, just fed the dogs and even Drifter was really hungry. I didn't run him today because I didn't want to risk hurting his toe, but he seems tired just from the hike and being at the trial. Now for a quick dinner for me, walk the dogs, and bed.

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Greg Fontaine said...

gotta love how we had timer eyes arrive by what ... 4:00pm ... for what was supposed to be a 3:30pm start ... oh ... and then at least one of the sets of eyes didn't work ... so they ended up hand timing the start line in the main ring ?!?!?!