09 September 2010

Good News: Seri ran at her first trial in over 4 months, and while I expected only insanity, I actually got some decent runs from her, and she Q'ed in JWW on Fri and Sat to finish her AXJ. Kiba QQ'ed on Saturday but tripped and hit a bar with her face on Sunday. Drifter loved the new positionless table, and turned in a 5.33YPS standard Q at 26", that's our fastest ever.

Bad News: Drifter's toe was hurting so badly Friday after his runs that I couldn't run him at all Saturday. Then on Tuesday, toe looked great, did some dogwalks and BAM he's limping in the rear. He strained his medial hamstring on the right side. So now he's off till USDAA Nationals in KY.
Good News: My puppy was born on Tuesday Sept 7! Male. I have to go to europe to pick him up. Should be fun! (pic is one of the pups, don't know which is mine yet) Good News: I *think* I will have enough teaching business and cleaning/moving stuff to do so that I can quit my job. Soon.

Bad News: I don't have a full-time indoor for the winter so may have to make do with workshops every week or two. I'm available for teaching!

Good: Have tentatively scheduled a seminar in Oregon (will be my first time in the PNW) and should be back in NC, and possibly TX in the winter/spring.

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Linda R. said...

Congrats on the seminar tour. Cna't wait to see the puppy and watch it grow up.