01 August 2010

money and harnesses

I'm encouraged that I may be able to leave my full time job soon in exchange for a part time job working for someone I like at a job I'd have some fun with, and the rest of my income from teaching. We'll see. I'm still recovering from the trip financially. And now it looks like we may actually be getting zero reimbursement for it. We were told to plan for nothing, but we weren't really given the impression that we would, in fact, get nothing. In the past team members have always gotten something back. Oh well. The other thing irking me a bit is this:
A month or so before we left, a team member contacted Comfortflex about making a patriotic harness for her dog. The company was vert excited and in fact quickly manufactured wonderful red/white/blue harnesses with stars and gave them to the team for free. They told us they'd let Clean Run sell them as a limited edition, and that Clean Run could then donate proceeds for our team. Because of the late timing, the harnesses did not go on sale before we left, but apparently even though they were created for the IFCS team, Clean Run is donating proceeds to AKC. So that made me a little sad to find out. Not even a mention of our team on the page! Again, oh well.

I'm going to attempt to save up money to go to EO next year. Its in Austria, which sounds beautiful. But we'll see. For now I'm just trying not to go broke!


Tori Self said...

Huh, yeah that doesn't sound right!

Barbara said...

Ok, I can understand that taking dogs overseas is a big expense, but NO money from USDAA?

And the harness deal doesn't sound right to me.