16 August 2010

European Options

(Working the wrap in Snooker at IFCS WAC)

So I was thinking about taking Drifter to the EO next year, in Austria. Now this morning I hear about this World Agility Open thing, which is in exactly the same venue our IFCS was at this past May. Very tempting, assuming it isn't something that is considered in 'conflict' by AKC (the EO is OK). I really did love England, and I wanted to attend EO 2012 back in England BUT it's during the Olympics, which means travel is going to be expensive and difficult, so this might be a fun way to get back over there, at an INDOOR event on great surface, in a wonderful area, and spend some more time in the places I wished I'd spent more time this spring. Something to think about, anyhow. I need to learn more about it, how to get on the team, who can go, etc. i want to be sure it's going to be a BIG DEAL and lots of good people will show up, like at EO. If it's not, then I'm not interested.

Aside from that, we did AKC again this past weekend, our first trial since BHAD at the end of July, where Drifter QQ'ed for MACH on Friday, then quadruple NQ'ed the rest of the weekend (sad!). Well he's apparently decided he can't jump a double on a 90-degree turn, as that's what he did this weekend, although he also fell off a dogwalk on a just plain AWFUL approach angle, but that's still weird because he can usually conquer a dogwalk from any angle/speed. This one had zero grip though, so off he went. He did Q in JWW both days with me running full out and pushing for front crosses, so that is gratifying at least. JWW is no longer an issue for us, in fact we have quite a few more of those than standards this year, which is just the reverse of what our record looked like in 2008. Progress of a sort, I suppose, although our Q rate is not getting up where I want it. This week I'm off to my first seminar/camp of ANY kind since 2006, as I'm heading out to Linda's International Coursework seminar. Should be good hard fun. I do enjoy a challenge. After that I have the USDAA Regional at the end of August - I did the annoying thing and entered Team at 26", even though our GP/Stp Q's are at 22", as I don't want him to get too used to 22" when we've got AKC the next 2 weekends at 26" again.

Seri's spay incision is healed. She was spayed on the 3rd, ripped her stitches out on the 5th and got staples, and somehow "lost" her staples yesterday on the 15th. This dog is something for sure. She had her staples in the afternoon, she slept with the e-collar on, and when I got up they were gone. Incision is healed up nicely, thankfully, although due to her picking it will bear more scar tissue than Kiba's does. That's OK. No beauty contests anyway. She's plenty pretty!

I think I am importing a puppy next year. From Europe, from nice working/agility lines. Very cool.

Kiba's closing in on her MACH, i had to look it up, she has 16 QQ's now. i lost count. 20 is a high number to remember when you don't show every weekend!


AussomeDogs said...

LOL at Seri. I swear Kate would do that too. When she had to wear the E-collar she somehow would remove it at night, I'm still not sure how she did it. She got a giant hematoma next to her incision, scared the shit out of me.

The WAO does sound like it has the potential to be really cool, though I want to hear more about it as it progresses.

Elf said...

Dogwalk disasters--after my first experience with rubberized contacts, I'm now thinking that those surfaces will help prevent a lot of dogwalk disasters; so much easier for the dog to get a grip. We'll see how quickly they spread through the agility communities.

Rosanne said...

Most of our trials now have rubber. Even though I don't train on it, I'm sure Drifter expected it, and got zero grip instead. The dogwalk he went off didn't even have much sand it, it was really slick. And they gave us like a 180 degree approach from a straight tunnel. Nasty.

Elf said...

Yeah, that's what worries me! Two of our local clubs have now done rubber but don't think the others have. Ah, well, keeps life interesting.