23 August 2010

Busy busy lately, still, neverendingly. Last Wed I drove out to OH for my first clinic/seminar/camp as an attendee is more than 4 years. It was an International Coursework seminar with Linda. I have not actually ever worked with her before, but I was aware that my handling system and hers are pretty darned close, so I was sure she'd be able to give me tips and understand how I work. And sure enough, nothing she said contradicted what I thought. Some of the 2nd and 3rd hand things I hear about the APHS system don't jive with my handling, but I don't think those things are straight from the source, I think they are interpretations. Anyway, I am not a devotee of anyone, but I really enjoyed running lots (and LOTS!) of tough courses. I felt that Drifter and I did pretty well at handling the complicated bits, even though we didn't run very many of them cleanly on the first try. Mostly our issues were minor, the 25" center-to-center weaves got him a few times (they go on forever for him, I guess), but he found his rhythm. I discovered I really can get just about anywhere when I put my mind to it. We collided out of a straight tunnel and I bruised my bottom. And my legs were tired. But it was good. I'd do it again. Not sure I need anything as intense and costly as privates, since as Linda said, I really do know what I need to do to fix things that go wrong in most cases. But I will go back for Tryouts Prep if it's offered again next spring. I'd go to the local International seminar, but it's filled with local students of the instructor that's bringing Linda in, so that's a no-go. I did enjoy how small this was, ony 7-8 dogs. Good easygoing group too.

Anyway, on the puppy front, I was signed on for a litter that would be born this November, but the bitch came in too early and they are waiting till next spring now. I told them to keep me on that list, but I am also looking around. I found another european litter, same stud, different but also nice bitch, that I am looking into now, but not sure if they'll have a puppy for me or not. And will be born soon, which I was hoping to wait a little bit but again, I'll take the right pup when/where it comes up. I am OK with this fall, and I'm OK with next spring.

We looked at a property that my mother's going to make an offer on. A bit far from my current workplace but I am hoping that I'll be gone from there within a year. DJ is sad about the longer commute, but what can we do? Zoning in PA is really restrictive... Also DJ and I are both a bit sad about work, as our new building boss is not nearly as personable and friendly as the outgoing one. This one sort of came in and is changing everything up in sort of a not-so-nice way. So everyone's a bit cranky right now, us included.

Regionals this weekend in NJ. Not really that excited, I'm just not that into it this year. It's fun, but whatever! I don't like how the 2nd round of GP is the last class on Sunday. Hate that scheduling. It's like keeping people hostage. Lots of people would be thrilled to be on the road early after a 3 or 4 day trial, but no. . .

Well that's my random thoughts for today. I am available for seminars, I get good reviews, please shoot me an email if you're interested rdrift at gmail dot com!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear where your puppy will be from? Boy or girl or does it matter?

Linda R. said...

Glad you enjoyed the seminar. I wanted to take Stuff, but he needs to be more aggressive on course per LM.

Can't wait to see puppy news. I am all about puppies these days. Switch and Boost keep me hopping.