01 July 2010

SMKC and lame dogs

Sorry, no more trip info yet. I have a 3-day weekend coming up so will get it mostly finished then, hopefully. Today's is a short post.

Last weekend I went down to the Salisbury Maryland AKC trial. Took Drifter and Kiba - was originally going to be Drifter and Seri, but at this point I am being super duper cautious about rehabing Seri's wrist and it looks like I won't run her till after the pups. This trial was thankfully in an air conditioned soccer building, with very nice rubber bit-filled soccer turf. Very large building, so the AC didn't keep it frigid, but considering it was about 100F outside, the 78 or 80 inside felt just fine.

Drifter was entered at 26". Saturday we started the day with Open FAST, where I tried to plan a plan that would test his jumping on the surface, and he did quite well. In Standard he had another moment reminiscent of the goofy crap he was doing at Keystone 2 weeks ago - I pulled in preceding a rear cross, and he ignored the pull cue and pushed off the anticipated rear cross - off course. Couldn't believe it. Early in the course too. After that he did the sit on the table quite well, nailed a lovely dogwalk, then hit the triple at the end. Which didn't thrill me but I wasn't being very careful at that point either. It had a special MACH bar on the top, with horizontal stripes that made it weird to look at. After that run I just went for it in JWW and while he had one wide corner he did go clean with a plenty fast time. On Sunday we started with Standard again and he ran clean with a lovely run except for taking at LEAST 10 seconds to lie down on the table, meaning he got a Q but it wasn't fast enough to count towards our "8 and 8" for Tryouts. Still, I was hopeful for a double Q. JWW was a nice open course again, but the skylights in the building were throwing weird bright sunspots on top of and near the jumps. Drifter over-jumped #2 then just ran right past a straight on weave entry, so I think he either jammed his toe landing (he's been off on a toe all week now), or got blinded over the jump so he momentarily couldn't find the weaves. He definitely looked confused when he stopped next to pole #4 looking at me. Sigh. So close. I finished and he was lovely - zero bars. So only the one bar all weekend. But no double Q's.

Kiba also had some minor issues, pulling off only a Novice FAST Q and a single Standard Q. Her back has been VERY tight lately and she is hitting bars even at 16" sometimes. Poor little whack-a-doo dog. I bought her a Thundershirt for car rides to try to relax her circling and panting a bit.

So this week I've got Drifter on leashwalking and swimming because of his jammed toe, Kiba doing the same because of her super tight back, and Seri just starting to move about a bit off leash due to her wrist. So I'm not actually doing "agility" right now. . .

I'm off this weekend anyway, after which I have a mixed AKC/USDAA weekend with Drifter in AKC then Kiba in USDAA Performance Tournaments. By the way, FINALLY USDAA relented and allowed 24" weaves, how cool is that?!

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