04 July 2010

Couple random pics

A few random pics from our sight-seeing with the Moureaux's on the Tuesday before the competition. All are from Karen Moureaux at dogsportphotos.com

In no particular order!

After Stonehenge we tried to find another nearby stone monument, but ended up finding "Woodhenge" instead. Which, disappointingly, was more like "Concretehenge" since the wood monument had rotted out long ago and been replaced by concrete placeholding "stumps". Weird.
Drifter and I walking among Woodhenge and thinking it a bit silly:
Group shot. Drifter is bored. Driven *LOVES* cameras.

Drifter is very bored, but also relaxed! (he's rolling)

Group shot. I apparently closed my eyes . . .

View of the side of our hotel. Gorgeous, no?

Cheddar, heading back to the cars after finding out the cave tours were closed for the day.

Parking area at the gorge. Dark grey Audi in front - yeah, my upgraded rental car! A4 2.0TDI wagon. Loved it! Totally want a diesel now!

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Kathy said...

Great pictures, Driven always seems like a character with the camera, LOL and Drifter looks very cute rolling!