29 July 2010

Another brief post:

Went to a 3-day AKC trial last weekend down in Salisbury MD. Great site, only down side is the big bright skylights in the ceiling that make bright sunspots on the floor. May have lost a Std Q due to that, as he REALLY misread a takeoff spot on the last jump Saturday. Regardless, he QQ'ed on Friday, his 3rd in 4 days of showing, and that finished his MACH title, finally. I've shown AKC so sporadically with him, it was good to finally get that done. So he's now NAC MACH ADCH Drifter OF (we finished our OF as well!).

The rest of the weekend he hit bars or had silly mistakes, so I was pretty disappointed, as I really think we need to get our Q rate way up there to be seriously considered for the AKC team. Also, as a personal goal I am really trying to get our consistency to be a strong point rather than a weak one. I was gratified to hear more than one person say they were surprised he was knocking bars - that shows the progress we've made from the rushing 3-year old Drifter who would over-run his takeoff spot all the time! He really isn't hitting many bars this year, so I ran my hands over him and am pretty sure he must have mildly tweaked something in his rear Saturday morning on the weird mis-jump at the end of Standard. He was chipping in a bit more than usual Sat/Sun, and this was causing the other bars. Oh well. We'll get there. I am really trying to enter AKC trials on a regular enough basis for our strengths to shine through and pull our averages up.

I only had him at this trial, for financial reasons and to let Kiba have down time between trials. Her back has been pretty bad this summer, and I don't think back to back trials are going to be great for her. She needs QQ's for nationals still, but I'm confident she'll get them before the end of November. She is also 3 (ish?) QQ's away from her own MACH. . .

Seri is looking good lately, and I went ahead and bravely entered her in a 3-day AKC trial on good soccer footing at the beginning of September. Because she gets spayed next week, that only gives me about 2 weeks of jump work afterwards, so I entered her at 20" her first time out and skipped FAST. We'll try to get a few legs towards our AX/AXJ titles, and once she's in B we'll make a token effort to Q for Tryouts. I know she's not ready for the Team, but I'd love to get her the experience and exposure. Most people don't know her at all yet.

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