18 June 2010

UK Trip Blog, Day 2

(once again I'll post pictures separately afterwards, because it's a lot easier. This is the journal blog only)

I left off after the hassle of the airport, ride over, and the first day walking tour of central London. We were exhausted that night, and by the time we went to sleep, my body had NO IDEA what time it was, so it was actually pretty easy for us to adjust to the new time zone (5 hours ahead over there). Tuesday we had set the alarm, thinking we'd leave Drifter behind and go back into London to see a museum or two and maybe Harrod's, but after I walked him I was still quite tired, and we agreed to scrap that plan and take a nap instead, and leave right before check-out time. And we did! It was nice to catch up on sleep. We got up again around 10:30am, packed up, and headed out to Stonehenge. I hadn't driven much at all on Monday, but as I drove down the roads with my British-lady GPS from Hertz, I got used to it. It was weird driving on a highway where the slow lane was leftmost, but it was fantastic to drive on a highway where practically nobody cruised in the passing lanes. My GPS warned me about traffic cameras too, which was appreciated (I'm still waiting to see if Hertz bills me for any I missed!). It took us about an hour and a half to get to Stonehenge. It is very cool, as you can see it before you get to the parking lot, from quite a ways away at the angle we approached. As I was trying to find a parking spot, I spotted a border collie - Kate and Karen Moureaux and Driven were walking around! I stopped and said "Hi!" and they decided to wait for us to go see the sights. So I parked, we found out that dogs weren't allowed up to the actual site, so we left them in the car (it was quite cool).

We paid our entry, got our "free" audio guide (all the major sights had these - you could push a button coordinating with each area and it would tell you the history) and walked up to Stonehenge. It was very cool, the stones are huge. As Kate exclaimed out of nowhere "SEVEN ELEPHANTS!" is what the largest one weighs (I wasn't listening to the audioguide but she was).
Lots of pics here. After that we got the dogs out and walked to the field next door which had very old burial mounds called barrows. Wandered around here, enjoyed the scenery, then went back to the parking lot, where we saw Angie and Mike Benacquisto arriving! We were done and they had just arrived, so we didn't stay with them. We found out Karen and Kate were heading up to see Cheddar, so we figured we'd tag along. We hadn't really had anything else planned other than heading to the hotel.

Getting to Cheddar wasn't as easy as it sounds. There aren't that many large roads in the South West of England, and the main road my GPS told us to take at one point was closed for construction. I tried to go around, and my GPS started freaking out taking me back to the same road via some of the tiniest roads I'd ever seeen (well, until a week later, but that's another story) - basically one lane with walls on either side. Eventually Karen and Kate got their GPS to "detour" and we got to Cheddar a while later. Of course, we arrived at 4:31, and the last tour of the caves there was at 4:30 so we missed it. We did, however, drive up the scary little public road that goes up through Cheddar Gorge, which is the highest inland cliffs in the UK (I think that's how they phrased it!). Very pretty. Lots of goats too, was interesting! After that we found an inn and had a nice little dinner before heading back to the hotel. The hotel was a very old (100+years) building built right on the cliffs overlooking Bristol Bay. Gorgeous! The floors were creaky, and some of the rooms were small, but we had a water view, and a bathroom that worked, even a flat screen TV! I was thrilled. Could've stayed there forEVER! That's it for Tuesday!

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