20 June 2010

UK Post #3 - Clevedon

This is a brief post, I just wanted to post some pictures of the town we stayed in. It is a quaint and beautiful little coast town called Clevedon. (pronounced "clev" not "cleve"). There were quite a few places we could walk into town for dinner, as well as a pretty little trail along the cliffs that led to a tiny pebbley beach among some rocks, and a big beautiful rolling field we could walk the dogs in. There is a gorgeous old pier that is something special too, and almost every place we went in Clevedon had an artsy picture of it on the wall somewhere.

Wednesday while I drove over to Bristol Airport to pick up Ria, DJ went for a long walk through town and took a bunch of pictures. This is from the opposite side of town - our hotel would be located upper right hand somewhere, on top of the hill overlooking the water on the far side. You can see the pier on the left in this picture.

This, believe it or not, was the view from our bathroom window. I almost didn't want to close the curtain to shower! (but I did!)

Some views of the pier:

The pier came out from behind this structure. Not sure what it is, and it's obviously being renovated.

Adorable little (old) gazebo in town. Note the date on it. We also passed a very old water collection drinking fountain from about that time, with funny little statues on it.

DJ didn't know what this was.

Everywhere were beautiful views.

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