05 June 2010

Trip Blog #1 - Photos

All photos were taken by DJ!

Had to laugh when we saw these right after leaving Paddington Station. Sure enough, they are all over London:
Photos from Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park, a beautiful Royal public park where dogs are allowed off leash in most areas.

Lots of swans in the Long Pond at Hyde Park:

Hmmm, how do we get to the Palace from here?
The elaborate ornamental gate at the main entrance to Hyde Park (which is where we exited):

Archway across the road between Hyde Park and Wellington Arch, I can't remember the name for it:

Wellington Arch was amazing. It is absolutely enormous and awe-inspiring!

The statue on top was beautiful. I tried to imagine getting it up there, it must have weighed many tons!

Drifter and I reading about a recently erected war memorial:

Heading to the crosswalk to Buckingham Palace. There were a lot of news vans because we were there during the political deadlock before the new Prime Minister was finally chosen. (you can tell Drifter wasn't exhausted yet, as he is pulling in this picture!)

Gardens in the square in front of the Palace:

The Canada Gate! Everything around Buckingham was detailed in gold!

Statue in the center of the square, it is gold on top, of course:

Buckingham Palace. Gorgeous fencing!

Westminster Abbey was gigantic and amazing! It's hard to grasp the enormity and beauty of it from the pictures.

Big Ben, prominent on the skyline in that area:
Bridge across the Thames:
The London Eye:

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