11 June 2010

Kiba got her PVP Q yesterday. 1 down and 4 more to go to qualify for Performance tournaments at USDAA Nationals in October.
Drifter was kind of a total butt-head. It was so uncharasteric of him, I just didn't know what to think. He started the day by missing 2 dogwalks in a row in Team Gamblers, then ran like an uneducated mack truck in Jumpers - just not reading my cues properly. Stayed on course, barely. Won Standard with a lovely run, then was again retarded in Snooker, and lastly was fine in Relay. Weird, weird day. Normally time off doesn't change the way he runs, but who the hell knows what got up his butt.
Love this picture, even though the quality is not great as it was taken through soccer arena glass.

and my wild-ass Seri dog in the same spot, also a cool picture.

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