04 June 2010

I hate wrists.

Seri's wrist was looking truly great this week. Wed I got a little brave and, with her support wrap on, did a few contacts. Yesterday in the yard I went all out and did a few jump/weave sequences. Well later at night she was limping *again*. This is the wrist that just won't heal, apparently. So no trial for her this weekend or next. Drifter gets to fill in for Team next Thursday - which is actually kinda cute as he'll be running with his daughter Trig.

We see Ria at the trial tomorrow, but looks like 2 more weeks off then try again. I have an AKC trial in 3 weeks, so after I see her tomorrow and see how it looks, I will decide whether to pull her from that trial. I'd rather not keep losing money on entries!

This does make it even easier to stick with the decision to breed her this fall - as she will have a hard time qualifying for anything! She is still in Exc A and has no Grand Prix Q's. . . I didn't do a ton of showing this spring since i was getting ready for IFCS. Hopefully we can do enough AKC to at least get up into Exc B by the time she comes into heat.

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