09 June 2010

Currently, slowly, building a new website for myself. Nothing extraordinary, just a free googlepages site. I will also process more pictures from the UK trip and slowly blog my way through it as well. I would like to have it all written down somewhere.

Seri is getting very aggravated at being on rest. I have been keeping her fairly quiet, both in a support wrap and sometimes lightly vetrapped over a horse liniment with arnica and menthol in it (meant to be wrapped, doesn't burn). Also using laser and ice to keep inflammation out, along with Traumeel drops. Could be another few weeks before she's right again. She's not "going crazy" - my dogs aren't really allowed to be like that. (I don't equate lots of exercise with calm dogs, i expect calm dogs no matter what, from puppyhood - they CAN do it!) but she is a little more prone to moving suddenly when I say her name, rather than walking. And she's been obsessively licking whatever wrap or support is on her.

Tomorrow I am going to Keystone's Team/PVP event. This is Kiba's first event in Performance Tournaments in USDAA. There are only 4 PVP Teams so it will be interesting to see how the Q's sort themselves out; I just really hope we qualify. Team events aren't cheap. Drifter is also running - originally I volunteered Seri for a Team, but since she's not ready yet i subbed Drifter in instead. He is already Q'ed at 22, so I entered him at 26" just for practice. I would like to try to gain the ability to run like we're at the World championships, all the time. He gets to run with his daughter, which is just cute!

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