19 May 2010


(Thanks to Karen Moureaux for this photo that's been around the internet a lot already!)

I'm home again. I will blog about my trip at some later time, but suffice it to say that the trip out was super stressful, being there was awesome and I didn't want to leave, but the trip back was fairly smooth. We had some great runs, some almost-great runs, and finished up with a Gold in All Around Gamblers, 5th in All Around Snooker, 4th in Biathlon combined, and I think I won the Team Standard round but I never did get to see individual results from it and there are no medals for individual Team classes.

Physically Drifter held up very well and Ria has me mostly convinced to keep him at 26" and try for AKC World Team one last time. We'll see. He has off from agility till late June where he's entered at one trial at 20" (I already changed his entry from 26 down to 20 there so I'll leave him for that one).

Our country seems a bit uglier now. The South West of England is SO beautiful. Everywhere you go it's fields of yellow and green, hedges and stonewalls, beautiful old cathedrals and adorable village main streets. I really, really, loved it! Driving was interesting but I adapted. I only almost got us killed once, and it had nothing to do with which side of the street I was on. . . just pure distraction. We saw the main tourist sites in London (briefly), Cheddar, Stonehenge, Bath, Cardiff, and even a cave called Wookey Hole that was a total tourist trap.

Drifter flew very well, came out of the crate looking just fine each time. Continental was very good to me and I have no complaints about their handling. I'm SO glad all the paperwork is over with.

Today we are home resting up - we didn't get in till 12:30am this morning, which would have been 5:30am UK Time so we were quite exhuasted. I am without my girl dogs till the weekend when i drive back down to Raleigh to pick them up and teach a bit for my friend. So it's very quiet here.


Daisy said...

Welcome home. You did a great job overseas - certainly you had more on your shoulders than I'm guessing any other competitor there, so well done.

Barbara said...

Congrats on the wonderful showing.

Glad you liked England, I love going there every time I am in Europe.

Lisa said...

Congratulations! I am looking forward to watching the VOD - assuming I can ever get it to work.