18 April 2010

Sorry for the scarcity of updates. I've had time-consuming things to do almost every day after work. This afternoon is the first real full afternoon of relaxing I've had, and that's only because it's Sunday and I can't make the phone calls I need to make today. . .

last weekend I went to a local AKC trial. I had Drifter and Seri entered, both at 26". It was our first time at this particular indoor soccer turf site. it is a very nice site, but the turf was a bit slick. The site has promised to use their zamboni-type machine to fluff it more for the next trials, so I will try it again I suppose. They seemed to adapt to it without too much trouble. Drifter hit 2 bars on Saturday, but also was just not really paying attention. Trig, my mom's youngster, was in heat and he's definitely got that male frame of mind, but that usually doesn't bleed over into our trialing mentality. He's not a dog who loses his mind over girls when he's working. If he was, he would be neutered. Anyhow, whether hormones or brain farts, he didn't Q in Excellent all weekend. Sunday he hit no bars but just wasn't sticking with me particularly well; he had several moments of "Oh you're going THAT way?!" which is very abnormal for him. He did, however, Q in Novice FAST both days and finished his NAF title! Yay for that, at least. Seri wasn't too bad, she is still the one-bar wonder but she's showing me some nice stuff, beginning to read lines, sticking with me around corners (Drifter are you paying attention?!) etc. In fact I think aside from me stopping her and gently correcting/settling her down after the knocked bars, I don't think she made any other mistakes. She'll get there.

Still not quite finished all my paperwork and odds and ends for the UK trip. Paperwork is almost finished, but I need to get it stamped by the USDA APHIS office in Harrisburg, which apparently I have to physically go to and make an appointment, not just FedEx my papers to them. i need to get my import form going into the UK scanned into my computer so i can email it to the receiving freight company. And I also need to figure out how I'm getting my 2 girls down to Raleigh to be dog-sat while I'm away. I'm very happy a friend is kind enough to watch them, but figuring out how to get the 7-hour trip each direction worked into my schedule is getting difficult. I may have to move an appointment with someone... The last thing to be donw will be the tick/tapeworm treatment, which will be Friday before we leave.

So much stuff to be done! It's an exciting but ironically daunting task. I am so busy trying to make sure all my t's are crossed and i's dotted, that I don't really have time to be excited in a happy way yet. I won't relax and enjoy it until Drifter's cleared customs. Then I'll be fine.

Next weekend I'm down at a USDAA trial in NC, my last big practice before we leave. I entered only Drifter on team so I can really focus on pushing him for the best we can get, on dirt in an arena, at 26". Saturday and Sunday I've got Seri entered in a few classes, including another shot at Grand Prix.

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