02 April 2010

Photos from Nationals

Timing is everything. (Drifter in Finals)

More dogwalk galloping. (Drifter, I think in Finals)

Hybrid round started with a send to a U-shaped tunnel. Cool shot! (Kiba)

Adorable! She makes 16 look like a sizable jump too. Also adorable!

Kiba on a frame where she did get the contact. Nice relaxed apex!

Tra-la-la! Beginning of JWW, Drifter's bad stay released early, starting to run and give a serp cue. Weird!

Is Kiba ever not adorable? I think not. (Challengers)
Admit it, even this is cute, weird as it is! (same run)

Drifter in Challengers - Slightly awesome!

Mr. Intensity (Finals)