09 April 2010


Pretty busy lately. Which is good. But also just sort of bad because I enjoy a slow day. I'm getting more and more inquiries about private lessons and seminars, which is awesome because I am really hoping to leave my job sometime in the next year or so and move into full time agility instruction. Being able to set my own schedule is becoming SO attractive! Anyways, between the slowly adding up lessons, classes on Wednesdays, catching up mentally from Nationals, exercising/training the dogs, you can see how my week gets filled. I also need to get back to the vet for the 2nd to last time before we leave for England. Most of my flight/cargo stuff is in order, just waiting to hear back on the return booking details/confirmation, and I need to scan in a paper for the receiving end as well. The vet visit is just to have the vet fill out a form saying i've got everything in order, then within 24-48 hours of leaving I have to go back and have the vet apply a tick preventative and tapeworm meds and sign the form that he did so. We leave in a month, on May 8th!

This past week I worked the dogs more than usual, honing skills with both Drifter and Seri especially. We have a local AKC trial on soccer turf this weekend. It is Drifter's first chance to collect Q's for 2011 Tryouts, and another shot for Seri to get some Q's and get out of Exc A. She's been running great all week and I'm hopeful. I also decided I'm done fighting for the stop on her dogwalk, and went back to letting her run. Did that in sequence 2 days in a row and she was 100% perfect so we'll see what we get this weekend. I will still use my "stop" cue to get tight corners, as she doesn't understand the "run like mad and pivot" cue that Drifter does.

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