02 March 2010

Snow, how I detest thee!

the snow is slowly sorta melting into the ground. Know what melting snow + dirt = ?
MUD that's what. But before it turns into mud, it turns into slush. Slush + freezing temperatures overnight = crunchy snow. Ice. I tried to run my dogs in the yard today on the remaining snow(ish) and in 10 minutes I saw pink feet so I gave it up.

Looks like Thursday I may be calling the rehab place 40 minutes away that sells swim passes. Expensive - hiking is free! - but better than my dogs doing pretty much nothing. We only get to do agility 2x a week, and therapy ball and core exercises are great but they don't really keep the dogs aerobically fit. Sigh. More money.

I am officially hoping to teach more after IFCS, so if you've been wanting me to show you how I do it, please feel free to ask! I mainly do weekends but holidays are great and if you're going to pay me enough I'll skip work to come to you! (agility makes more money than work, every time!) I won't do "running contact" seminars, but I'll gladly work with people on an individual basis to help their individual dogs with the contacts. Speeding them up, switching to running, whatever.

This coming weekend I am not trialing but have rented a local (well over an hour away) indoor to train in again. Seri was whacky last weekend and needs some reminders about certain things, and Kiba needs to remember that she CAN decelerate and turn tightly even when jumping 16".

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