19 February 2010

What they call a "shameless plug"

International Course Workshop
with 2010 IFCS Team USA Member Rosanne DeMascio
Saturday April 17th in Pittstown NJ
9am to 4pm
Limited to 7 working slots

This workshop is designed to focus on international courses of the type that will be seen at IFCS, FCI, or AKC Tryouts. Handlers must be well-versed in all handling maneuvers at a Masters level. The main focus will be running full International courses. Emphasis will be placed on finding the fastest line through a sequence. Courses will include 180's, serpentines, pull-through's, 270's, long distances, short distances (including the European "combo" jumps), passing tunnel entrances, etc. All handling "systems" are welcome, consistency of cues and encouraging speed and understanding on the dog's part will be the main focus. This workshop is not designed to teach the basics of handling these maneuvers, but rather how to handle them at speed within a course.

Workshop will run from 9am to 4pm, with a brief break for lunch unless we are running behind. Format will be:
walk the course, everyone will run the course for time/faults, we will work through issues and talk about where the handler could tighten up/speed the dog up, then run the course again for time/faults.
Limited to 7 working slots. The only auditors allowed are those who carpool with working handlers due to limited parking.
Bring your own food, water. Cost $140 per working slot. $50 to audit.

Please email Rosanne rdrift@gmail.com for additional information. This will make a great tune-up before Tryouts, or just a great challenge for an experienced handler!

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