13 February 2010

Thanks UPS for being a service FAIL.

I ordered 2 packages last weekend. They both shipped Monday. They both arrived at the delivery facility Wed morning. No, I did not expect them to be delivered Wed during the 23" of snow falling. However, they also did not arrive Thursday. And they also did not arrive Friday. I tracked them and Wednesday they scanned them as "Adverse Weather Conditions" Ok, makes sense. Thurs and Friday they scanned the 2 packages as "Emergency Conditions beyond UPS Control". Excuse me? I call Bullshit. my road's been plowed for 2 days now. Get your residential customers taken care of. The worst part is, because they are basically run by a whiney Union, they probably won't work today to make up for not working Wed. So I won't get the damn packages till Monday. Optimistically. Today most of our FedEx Ground drivers who usually only work Mon-Fri are out delivering. Why? Because they are independent contractors who are paid to deliver, not to drive. So if their job is to deliver the package, not drive around and FAIL all day and get paid the same. Way to go, UPS. I'm not saying there aren't any FedEx drivers who failed this week, but there shouldn't have been many.


Also our trial got cancelled. First I heard that the site owner said Thurs that it should be cleared no problem. Then Friday they called the club and said the plow truck kept breaking down (it's plowed by site owner's son) and it wasn't going to be clear. But then the club email says they did call in heavy equipment and just couldn't clear it; too much snow. So I don't know WHAT the whole story is, but I have a sneaking suspicion that site owner did not try to plow till Friday morning. Probably the son was out using his plow to make money Thursday by plowing private driveways. Very frustrating. I know many people just shrug and sigh and say "oh well, it's winter, what do you expect?" but I do NOT have extra money to throw away on things like this. If it is true that the site owner did not notify the club till mid-day Friday (the snow stopped Wed evening) then the site owner does not deserve to get paid for either plowing or site rental. I am a hard-ass about things like this. If you are going to make money by running a site to be rented for shows and seminars, you have a very important duty to clear that site of snow in the winter. Yes, this was an extraordinary storm, but the site owner has a duty to let the club know any issues ASAP, not the day before, when several people from farther away had already left!

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