10 February 2010

No I did not end up getting up at 2:30 yesterday morning. My alarm went off, I had immediate thoughts of shoveling the new snow today, and i said screw it and went back to sleep.

Today is the first day in the almost 8 years i've worked at FedEx Ground that we actually CLOSED the terminal and do not plan to attempt delivery. Honestly, when a manager called at 2am it didn't look too bad; I could've gotten in to work. Only 3" or so of new snow. But when i woke up again at 6:30, it was between 6 and 8". Getting home would have been difficult. And they are saying that after a brief lull in the storm, we will get 10 more inches AND gusting winds up to 45 or 55mph, so full-blown blizzard conditions through-out the afternoon. No way should our drivers be out in that. So if you're expecting a package today and you live nearby, don't expect anybody to deliver it. I expect that UPS, paragon of workers' unions that they are, will absolutely not be out in this either. Hell, Saturday was so bad the POST OFFICE didn't deliver!!

Anyway, the other research activity I'm currently doing online is the beginnings of a very early search for a stud for Seri dog. She's on a co-own so the difficult part will be a male that her breeder and I both agree on. I am not planning to breed her till 2012-2013, depending on our trial schedule, World Team, etc. (being optimistic here), but absolutely no later than 2013 sometime, as that's the year she'll turn 7 and I imagine I'll be dying for a puppy by then. There are a few health issues in her lines here and there, but I am well aware of them and very open about what's what with people who need to know. But I'm hunting for a stud who isn't a flyball-exclusive dog, who doesn't have close relatives with epilepsy, who is built well and has a great shoulder, is athletic but can think. . . all the magical traits:) And has to be at least 4 years old when I breed to him. No baby breeding, it's a peeve of mine. So I can look now, because the youngest dogs i'll use will be already 2 years old by now. . . Anyhow I enjoy looking around.
ETA: if you have a suggestion for a manly male dog, please email me privately and I'm perfectly willing to discuss. ( rdrift at gmail dot com )

Stuck indoors again today, I will be doing some further scheduling for my UK trip as well.

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