08 February 2010

Every few weeks or so I decide that I'll begin getting up early for work and working out on my mom's recumbant bike for 20-30 minutes. I absolutely hate exercising with other people around (I am quirky), which is part of the many reasons I prefer hiking and trail running as my main sources of exercise. Last fall I was up to being on the trail a solid 6-8 hours per week. Not always running, but on hilly trails a brisk walk will wind you almost as well, and it work your muscles differently too.

Well it snowed here on Saturday. it snowed 16 freaking inches. And tomorrow night into Wednesday we are due 3 to 7, or maybe 15, more inches of it. I can't remember the last time we had 2 whole feet of snow on the ground here. Maybe the blizzard of '96. Not sure. Either way, I can NOT hike on unplowed backwoods trails right now. Well. Maybe if I had 16" tall waterproof boots. Which I don't. So the dogs are getting timed 20 minutes runs in the backyard (at least the snow makes them work harder - they do look tired every night), and I am getting, well, not much. So tonight I'm setting my alarm for (gak!) 2:30am and going to see if I can force myself out of bed. You would think that someone who gets up at 3am wouldn't have an issue with getting up early - and if you were speaking of "early" as being 5:30, well, you'd be right. But earlier than 3am? VERY difficult for me to manage, but I'll try anyway. Who knows. Maybe it'll work. Good news is my mother moved a TV near the machine so I can watch Adult Swim or something else completely random and entertaining while I ride.

This weekend I booked the hotel room for IFCS, but I haven't really booked anything else yet. I need to work out a solid itinerary, which I keep procrastinating on. I also need to book flight for me and Drifter at the same time so I KNOW I will be on the same plane. I've also heard you can't even bring dog food into the UK, so I found a pet store near Windsor that stocks some good stuff. So if they tell me 3 hours to get Drifter out of Customs I will run over there and pick up some stuff, maybe look at the Castle. Or if they can push him through I will wait and take him with me to run in the Great Park. Looks gorgeous. I also have to pick a hotel for the first 2 nights in England, somewhere near the airport or Windsor. Planning. Ick. I have a love/hate thing with planning. I obsess about it over and over, research online to no end, and then procrastinate about actually doing the thing I'm planning. I have a strange psyche.

Among all this I keep having to remind myself of something else important - AKC Nationals! it's only about 6 weeks or so away now. I am running low heights so will be running my ass off with both dogs and probably still not making all my front crosses. Will be nice to just lay it on the line and not worry about bars with Drifter! He's improved a lot in the last year or two with those bars, but I am honest in knowing that's been our big detractor all along. I have a firm belief if not for those I would have made AKC Team last year. Damn bars! When I looked back at my records, something like 90% of my NQ's were bars, and my Q rate was still over 50% even so. Which means other faults only accounted for 5% of my runs overall. Not too bad!

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Tori Self said...

Planning/procrastinating, I do the same thing.