28 February 2010

Delco Feb AKC

Well we got some more snow last week. I'm beginning to wish I did live farther south, despite my severe aversion to heat...

This weekend we went to an AKC trial. Our first since last October. They were using 24" weave bases, which is great because Kiba's never seen them and they're using them at AKC Nationals next month. Saturday Kiba ran very well, got her first double-Q of 2010. She's running at 16", and DAMN she's fast! She didn't double again today due a brain fart when I tried to call her through something and she just sort of didn't want to slow down. But she was 3/4 and looked like she felt really good. Hit all contacts, no bars, looked great in the weaves. I was a little concerned since she has an interesting and fast way of weaving, but she tucked right in and loved them.

Drifter started the weekend Saturday by knocking TWO bars in JWW. He is running at 26", which for some reason has always been hard for us in AKC, but I really want the practice for IFCS. I am running 20" at AKC Nationals but it is easier to drop the heights last minute for that than it is to raise them up again if I've done 20" for too long, and there's only 6 weeks between AKC Nationals and IFCS. So 26" it is. Luckily after the 2 bars in JWW he nailed every other course. Sunday's Standard he was very slow on the table so ended up 5th place, but I think he won the other 2 classes - he also finished the weekend 3/4. I didn't even have to walk him off for naughty stays, as he stayed after a very short scooty scooch each time. His stay "rules" include him not moving "too far" from where I left him, or alternately he can't move "too close" to the first jump. He stayed within his loosely defined limits all weekend, so i was pleased with him.

Seri was wild, basically. No Q's at all. She is in Exc A, and her very first course she hit bars and even went off course, the next 3 runs she handled pretty well, hit all her contacts, stayed, just was hitting bars. Standard this morning (Sun) she actually did really well until the end, where I cued a front cross early but she didn't decelerate early, and then hit the bar when she realized she needed to slow down more. Oh well. She needs MILEAGE more than anything. She doesn't hit many bars in training, so I don't doubt she will improve. She was very LOUD, for sure!

I did not get video, sorry. Wasn't sure who was going to be there, then just didn't see friends nearby when I was getting ready so didn't bother with it.

Next weekend we're off, training again.

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LitlBigDog said...

I have video of Drifter's JWW run on Sunday. I'll send it to you when I upload it.