09 January 2010

More from BARK! NH USDAA

Kiba - same 3 runs as Drifter. She had a few "duh" moments, not taking send cues out to the tunnel in Standard and a jump in Steeplechase. Even on replay, I think my tunnel cue in standard was pretty obvious to her, she de-commits at the very last second as she sees me heading off to front cross. Oh well. Note that even though she looks really sad, I really wasn't that mean to her, she just worries a lot when she's wrong, which also causes the stuttering on jumps to be amplified on this run.

Seri was pretty darned good, she slid past a couple weave entries (she is such a big fast "forward" dog that she needs to sit on her ass and SLIDE at least 5 feet or so before the weaves so she sometimes forgets that. Overall I was really pleased with her runs, and Team Standard was great, I think she just didn't quite prepare to go up that see-saw as she was too excited by my lateral motion as she headed up it. I hesitated more to check that the judge called it a flyoff, wasn't harshly correcting her or anything.

and my lone video of Schiz from last weekend. She was fairly good, had a very naughty dogwalk that somehow didn't get called.

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