29 January 2010

Mentally I've been quite busy lately. CPA down in NC went well. Kiba's back was pretty sore so she didn't run completely clean in much, but her Team qualified easily. Drifter was great, he won all 4 individual Team classes, his Team won overall, and he won Grand Prix with a bye voucher. Schiz also won all 4 individual classes (although of course P12" is much less competitive than C22"), and her PVP Team ended up 3rd overall for a Q. She had some major brain farts in Grand Prix. Seri wasn't running because she was in heat. Yay for bitches that stay on schedule - I hadn't entered because she was due in.

I do have a couple runs each for Drifter and Kiba on video that I just haven't uploaded yet. Will do this weekend. Lots of dogwalks into the wrong end of a tunnel. Lots of running and pivoting for me.

Most of my mental space lately has been planning IFCS trip. Flying the dog into the UK is going to be a pain in the ass, and expensive. Like mulitple thousands of dollars expensive. Just for him. But I'll do what I have to do, and fortunately my parents will help out. And individual fundraising IS allowed so any donations are gladly accepted! I've cut my tentative itinerary down a bit to we're spending about 2 days in London after landing to adjust to the times and let Drifter relax after the grueling flight-customs experience. I love that the parks and public transit and some pubs over there are dog friendly. It makes planning some sight seeing with a dog MUCH nicer; I won't have to leave him in the hotel hardly at all. After the event, which is near Bristol, we will spend a day or two in Cardiff (we're HUGE Doctor Who fans:) and southern Wales, probably seeing Brecon Beacons park and Pembroke Coastal park, including a castle or two, as well. The hotel the team is staying in is just GORGEOUS and is right ON the sea side, on a cliff above the water, in a large old 1800's estate type place. I am excited for this even.

In all that mental acrobatics, I've sort of neglected the most important bits - me and Drifter! We did go see Ria last week, but we are both out of shape by far compared to last fall. The weather's been a pain in the ass, warm and wet followed by a hard freeze and cold, so it's either mud or frozen mud that's not only hard but slick and with sharp edges to it. I am going to start hitting the local park and forcing myself to run for at least 30 minutes or so every day I'm not otherwise busy (like teaching for 5 hours).

Here's the practice set I plan to do tomorrow when we rent an indoor to train. One of the judges is a British guy who has some pretty difficult courses - at least difficult in that they are very different from the US styles.


Amy Siegel said...

Doesn't your mom have an elliptical you can use when it's 20F out? Man, did you actually run today? It was freezing.

So this judge seems to really like 180s either to a jump on the same plane or one behind you. Some of those spaces are incredibly long with lots of off course opportunities. I guess getting ahead will pay off a lot.

Why does it cost so much to bring a dog into the UK for an event? Don't they have a special program for that?

Sounds like a fun itinerary.

Rosanne said...

My mom has a recumbent bike. I use it sometimes but then the dogs don't get to do anything! And yes I did run yesterday, and yeah it was cold!

the judge has a lot of tight and long distances, a ton of off course opportunities, and a lot of pull-throughs as well.

There is no special program for entering the UK, unless you declare for Crufts, in which case they CHARGE YOU A TAX. When entering the UK you can NOT put a small dog under the seat, you can NOT ship as "excess baggage" or even "accompanied cargo", you have to ship the dog as "unaccompanied cargo" and then just fly on the same flight. You have to have a lot of vet paperwork in order, along with a microchip, etc. And it takes at least 2 hours to clear the quarantine/customs after landing.